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The Stitch-Con 2023 waitlist is NOW OPEN!

If you'd like to attend either weekend of Stitch-Con 2023, you MUST put your name on this waitlist.


Here's some important information you need to know before putting your name on this list:

  • One person per form submission. You CANNOT submit multiple names on one form.

  • There will be TWO back-to-back weekends of Stitch-Con 2023, with 300 stitchers at each weekend

    • Stitch-Con 2023 Weekend A will be June 8th-11th​

    • Stitch-Con 2023 Weekend B will be June 15th-18th

  • Each weekend will host 300 stitchers

  • You can only attend ONE weekend. On the waitlist, you will be asked which weekend you can attend or you can choose the option that reads, "I can come to either weekend'. If you choose the later option, your weekend will be chosen for you based on what openings we have at the time your name comes up.​

  • Registration is $200 per attendee. This amount must be paid in full via PayPal.

  • If you attended Stitch-Con 2022, or any past Stitch-Cons, & you want to attend Stitch-Con 2023, you MUST put your name on this list. Attendance at Stitch-Con 2022, or any other previous years, does NOT promise you a spot at Stitch-Con 2023.

  • Putting your name on this waitlist does NOT guarantee your attendance at Stitch-Con 2023. The first wave of Stitch-Con 2023 invoices will go out on Wednesday, October 5th, 2022. Once your invoice is paid, you're officially registered for Stitch-Con 2023.

  • We retain the right to close this waitlist at any time.

  • If you've never attended Stitch-Con before, we encourage you to thoroughly read the 2023 DETAILS page on this website BEFORE putting your name on the Stitch-Con 2023 waitlist. It will give you a great idea of what to expect at Stitch-Con 2023 & hopefully will answer your questions!

To add your name to the waitlist, click the red button above (the red button will appear TODAY AT NOON EASTERN), fill out the Google Form, & hit submit at the bottom of the form. That's it! You should get a confirmation message pop-up after hitting submit. FYI: If you have a pop-up blocker enabled on your device's browser, you may not get this confirmation screen. Don't panic! Your form still gets usbmitted, as longas you've hit the submit button. 


Starting October 5th, 2022, keep an eye on your inbox for your invoice!

With that said, please be patient! There's a LOT of time between October 5th, 2022 and June 2023. If you don't receive an invoice on October 5th, that doesn't mean you won't get a chance to attend. Just keep those fingers & toes crossed! If, at any point, you'd like to know where you are on the Stitch-Con 2023 waitlist, please reach out to us via email.


Thank you so much for your enthusiasm for Stitch-Con 2023!

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