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Latest Update - April 14th, 2020 

The Stitch-Con Team wants to address the Coronavirus/COVID-19 & Stitch-Con 2020. I want to continue to emphasize that our number one concern is the health & safety of you, our attendees & stitchers. We're constantly trying to take proactive measures to ensure the continued safety of this event. Barbara Hils, the leader of the Stitch-Con Team, made the following announcement on Tuesday, April 14th, 2020.

Hello Stitchers! I hope you're staying healthy & safe & have turned to your needlework to get you through this tough time. You are not alone. What to do about Stitch-Con 2020 has been on my mind constantly. I've had many sleepless nights, a lot of discussions with the Stitch-Con Team, & multiple conversations with the Sharonville Convention Center. Using the guidance of Ohio's govenor & healthcare officials, we've decided to


Here's some important information:

1. If you are a paid attendee of Stitch-Con 2020, your registration will automatically carry over to Stitch-Con 2021.

2. If you need a refund to help carry you through this tough financial time, but still want to attend Stitch-Con 2021, we won't keep your money from you or give your spot to someone else. Please read number 3 as to how we're handling that.

3. If you have cancelled, or plan to cancel, your Stitch-Con registration between March 15th, 2020 & August 31st, 2020, for ANY reason, you will be the FIRST to be invoiced for open spots at Stitch-Con 2021.

Invoicing will begin on September 1st, 2020.

4. If you cancelled your Stitch-Con registration BEFORE March 15th, 2020, you will be in the SECOND wave of invoices after September 1st, 2020.

5. If you were on the Stitch-Con 2020 Wait List, you are still on that list. That wait list will carry over to Stitch-Con 2021. This includes those who received an invoice for Stitch-Con 2020, but could not attend for whatever reason.

With all the bad news, heres some GOOD NEWS!

We will be hosting TWO STITCH-CONs in 2021!

Stitch-Con 2021 A Dates: JUNE 10TH - JUNE 13TH, 2021

Stitch-Con 2021 B Dates: JUNE 17TH - JUNE 20TH, 2021

If you are carrying over your registration from 2020 to 2021, there will be a Google Form posted in the Stitch-Con Facebook group* for you to choose which weekend you'd like to attend. You can only attend ONE weekend. If you are NOT in the Facebook group, you will receive an email from me, asking which weekend you'd like to attend. This Google Form will be available starting September 1st, 2020.

*The Stitch-Con Facebook group is for PAID ATTENDEES ONLY. If you request to join but are NOT on our Paid Attendees list, your request will be denied.

Even though we're sad about the decision to cancel Stitch-Con 2020, we're so excited about the future of Stitch-Con for 2021! We hope you are too! Please know I keep the interest of our attendees & Stitch-Con in mind at all times, and only want what's best for all of our well-beings. I fully understand the impact of these decisions & hope you know how much I'm thinking of you at this time.

If you have any questions, comments, or concerns regarding Stitch-Con, please don't hesitate to contact me by either calling the shop at (513) 563-6845 or sending an email to barbarakeepsakes@gmail.com.

We can't wait to see you in Cincinnati in 2021!

Be Well!

Love, Your Stitch-Con Team


We couldn't pull off this incredible event without the help of:

  • Barbara Hils at Keepsakes

  • Pam & Stephanie Schaffner at JustKeepStitchin'

  • Nicole Steinbeck at BuckeyeStitcher

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