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Keepsakes is a local needlework shop located just outside Cincinnati, Ohio.


The owners, Barbara Hils and her husband Joe Dial, work tirelessly to bring you the latest goodies for your stitchy stash.


In addition to running Keepsakes, Barbara has been the fearless leader in bringing Stitch-Con to life.


She saw the cross-stitch community growing through FlossTube and wanted to bring FlossTubers and fans together for a fun-filled retreat!


The Stitch-Con Team is made up of dedicated individuals who each bring their own unique strengths to the planning and execution of this event. These are the people who can help answer questions, point you in the right direction, and share in your excitement about Stitch-Con!

  • Stephanie Schaffner

  • Pam Schaffner

  • Nicole Steinbeck

  • Susan Coates

  • Jan Rieder

  • Jen Grimes

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