• Stitch-Con Weekend A: June 8th - June 11th, 2023

  • Stitch-Con Weekend B: June 15th - June 18th, 2023

LOCATION: Sharonville Convention Center at 11355 Chester Rd. Cincinnati, OH 45246

HOW TO ATTEND STITCH-CON 2023 - STEP ONE: WAIT FOR YOUR STITCH-CON 2023 WAIT LIST (for those who submitted their name to the Stitch-Con 2023 waitlist on September 7th, 2022.

  • THE STITCH-CON 2023 WAITLIST IS NOW CLOSED! Thank you all so much for your enthusiasm for Stitch-Con 2023! We're blown away by all our waitlist submissions! 

  • If you'd like to attend Stitch-Con 2023 you MUST have put your name on the waitlist while it was open on September 7th, 2022.

  • A few important notes:
    • We reserve the right to close the wait list at any time, once the total number of submissions fits the event's needs. 

    • We do NOT hold or promise spots to anyone. Your attendance at Stitch-Con 2022 or any previous years of Stitch-Con does NOT guarantee you a spot at Stitch-Con 2023.​​​



  • The first wave of invoices will go out Wednesday, October 5th, 2022.

  • Registration is $200 per person, payable ONLY via PayPal

    • If you do not have a PayPal account, you can check out as a 'guest' on the PayPal website​

    • The registration fee pays for your seat at one weekend of Stitch-Con 2023. This one-time fee is all you pay to us. It does NOT include the cost of travel, accommodations, food, or any other costs you have during your stay in Cincinnati.

  • We fill spots on a first come, first serve basis, in the order they were submitted to the waitlist.

  • When you put your name on the Stitch-Con 2023 waitlist, you told us your desired weekend of attendance at Stitch-Con 2023 (you can only attend ONE weekend). There were three options for you to choose from. Those options were: 'I can attend Weekend A', 'I can attend Weekend B', or 'I can attend either weekend'​.

    • If you chose the last option, when/if we get to your name on the list & send you an invoice, we will place you at whatever weekend has the least number of attendees AT THAT TIME.

    • If/when you get a Stitch-Con 2023 invoice, you are GUARANTEED to be placed at the weekend you chose at the time of your wait list submission.​​​​​​

    • Read your invoice carefully & double check that the weekend you're being invoiced for is correct.

    • If you need to change your weekend of attendance, please call Keepsakes at (513) 563-6845 or email the Stitch-Con Team at We cannot guarantee we'll be able to switch you, but we'll do our best!​

  • ​​You have ONE WEEK to pay your Stitch-Con invoice. After FOUR DAYS of nonpayment, you will receive a PayPal reminder, both on PayPal & via email. After ONE WEEK of nonpayment, your invoice will be cancelled. 

  • After both weekends of Stitch-Con 2023 are full we will pull names from the wait list if/when we have cancellations.


  • For Stitch-Con 2023, there will be Stitch-Con group rate at TWO hotels near the Convention Center. There are numerous other hotels in the area that are great options too! We'll be announcing hotel details at a future date. 

You are responsible for making your hotel reservations &, if desired, find a roommate(s).

THE LATE-NIGHT STITCHING ROOM will be available for our use at the LA QUINTA from 11pm-2am on Thursday, Friday, & Saturday nights. Transportation to the La Quinta Late Night Stitching Room at 11pm & back to your hotel at 2am will NOT be available via the Stitchy Bus. We encourage you to either carpool or use Uber/Lyft.


  • On Thursday, the Stitching Room at the Convention Center opens at 10am. You must go through the check-in line before entering the Stitching Room to receive your name tag & other goodies from Your Stitch-Con Team.

    • You MUST have your Stitch-Con name tag on at all times while inside the Convention Center.​

  • Friday, Saturday, & Sunday, the Stitching Room opens at 8am & closes at 10pm, except for Sunday, when it closes at 3pm.

  • The Welcome Gathering at 7pm Thursday night in the Stitching Room. This is our first opportunity to address our attendees as a whole. We'll introduce the Stitch-Con Team, share some stories & laughs, & officially welcome you to Stitch-Con 2023. 

  • A more detailed itinerary/schedule will be provided a few weeks before Weekend A.

  • Any/all activities at Stitch-Con 2023 are OPTIONAL! We don't want anyone to stress about anything they HAVE to do before or during Stitch-Con. More than anything, we want you to have fun, meet new stitchy friends, & enjoy the energy of 300 stitchers all together in one room. 

  • Stitch-Con Annex: across the hall from the Stitching Room at the Convention Center will be a room filled to the brim with trunk shows from some of your favorite designers & makers! It will be open during the event with hours TBD. The trunk shows will be the exact same for both weekends. If you're interested in sending a trunk show to Stitch-Con 2023, please reach out to Barbara directly at Keepsakes or by sending us an email.

  • Brag Table: numerous tables set up along the walls of the Stitching Room to show off your beautiful stitching. We encourage you to bring a piece or two to show off! It can be fully-finished or not, we don't care. If you're proud of it...we wanna see it! We will have small cards available for you to share any important information about your piece(s).

  • Freebie Table: bring any charts, floss, fabric, or notions you have in your stash you'd like to pass on to other stitchers. While at Stitch-Con, feel free to peruse this table and take whatever you'd like!

  • Smalls Exchange: stitch & finish a 'small' (no larger than 6"x6" stitched) to be exchanged. Bring your fully-finished item wrapped. The wrapping must indicate the theme of the stitched piece. For example, if your stitched piece is a Christmas ornament you could wrap it in red & green wrapping paper! Please also include your name & city, state for identification inside the package. Examples of smalls include: ornaments, a biscornu, cubes, scissor fobs, flat-folds, etc. 

  • Needleminder & Floss Drop Swap: bring needleminders and/or floss drops to swap amongst other attendees. In previous years, attendees have decorated these items with their FlossTube channel name or logo, their Instagram handle, pictures of their stitching, & countless other creative ideas. Regardless, have fun with this!


  • Electrical Outlets: It is Convention Center policy that NO electrical cords run across the floor, as they consider it a tripping hazard. We WILL have electrical outlets underneath each table. The Stitching Room is VERY well lit.

  • Parking: there are marked parking spots for those staying at the Hyatt, connected to the Convention Center. If you are staying at the Hyatt you will receive a parking tag for your vehicle & are welcome to park in those marked spots. If you are NOT staying at the Hyatt, please do NOT park in the marked Hyatt parking spots...your car WILL be towed, at your own expense. There is more than enough parking available at the Convention Center for all our attendees.

  • Convention Center Entrances: there are two entrances to the Convention Center, Entrance A & Entrance B. You CAN get to the Stitching Room from either entrance, but the best entrance to use ENTRANCE B. There will be signage throughout the Convention Center to direct you, if needed.

  • Food/Drinks/Alcohol: there will be a concession stand open for the event, outside the Stitching Room, for you to purchase beverages & snacks. You can bring snacks & drinks for yourself, but you CANNOT order food to be delivered to the Convention Center. There is a strict NO alcohol policy inside the Convention Center/Stitching Room. Please be respectful of these policies.

  • COVID-19 Protocol: As we all know, a lot can happen in a year, & no firm decisions have been made about protocol or requirements for next year's event regarding COVID. We'll update you as this changes.


  • Cincinnati International Airport (CVG): 35 minutes south of the Convention Center

  • Dayton International Airport (DAY): 50 minutes north of the Convention Center

  • Transportation to your hotel/Convention Center: Rental cars are available at whichever airport you fly into. Uber & Lyft are very active in the greater Cincinnati area.

    • We will also have a local stitcher, Vanessa Lee, who is a rideshare driver, that will provide rides from the airport to the Convention Center if you'd like to sign up. We'll provide sign-ups for that as the event get closer.​


  • This Facebook group is for PAID ATTENDEES ONLY.

  • Once you've paid your Stitch-Con 2023 invoice, search within Facebook for 'Stitch-Con 2023' & request to join the group. Your attendance will be confirmed before you're approved into the group. This group is CLOSED & therefore, you MUST request to join.

  • This forum is for attendees to ask questions, share excitement & to get excited about Stitch-Con 2023.

  • It is NOT a requirement to be in this group to attend Stitch-Con 2023.

  • Rest assured, you will NOT miss out on any/all important information about Stitch-Con 2023 from your Stitch-Con Team. We will share these announcements, as needed, first on this website & then in the Facebook group. 


  • T-shirts, sweatshirts, & other items branded with the Stitch-Con logo will be available for you to purchase at least two times before Stitch-Con 2023 & again after the event. Check out the SPIRIT WEAR tab above for more information.


  • The last day to cancel & be guaranteed a full refund is May 7th, 2023.

  • After May 7th, 2023, if we're able to fill your spot with someone from the waitlist, you'll get a full refund.

  • You can cancel your Stitch-Con 2023 attendance by reaching out to your Stitch-Con Team by either calling Keepsakes at (513) 563-6845 or by emailing Barbara & Stephanie at

Aside from all this information, most importantly, we want you to come to Stitch-Con to HAVE FUN! Come as you are, no more, no less, & embrace the environment of FlossTubers & Fans for a weekend of stitching you'll never forget!