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  • Stitch-Con 2023 Spirit Wear is here! Click the button below to shop!

  • This sale will run to Thursday, May 11th, 2023.

  • All items purchased in this sale will be SHIPPED TO KEEPSAKES for you to pick up at the event! 

  • This is the third (and final) Spirit Wear sales we'll have before Stitch-Con 2023. There is always a chance we'll do another Spirit Wear sale after Stitch-Con, but our decision to do so is based on demand therefore not guaranteed.

  • If you cannot attend Stitch-Con but order spirit wear through this sale, we'll happily mail your items to you after the event (separate shipping costs will apply).

  • Our Spirit Wear vendor is the same as recent years, so we know the quality of the items is top-notch!

  • For those who need it, the customer service number is (800) 749-3813.

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