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  • The WAIT LIST opens on WEDNESDAY, SEPTEMBER 7th, 2022 at NOON (Eastern)

  • The link to the wait list will be on this website, under the 2023 WAIT LIST tab at the top of the page.

  • If you'd like to attend Stitch-Con 2023 you MUST put your name on the wait list.

    • We do NOT hold or promise spots to anyone. Your attendance at Stitch-Con 2022 or any previous years of Stitch-Con does NOT guarantee you a spot at Stitch-Con 2023.

    • We reserve the right to close the wait list at any time, once the total number of submissions fits the event's needs. For example, the Stitch-Con 2022 wait list was open for 2.5 hours. If you want to attend Stitch-Con 2023 we HIGHLY RECOMMEND setting an alarm, marking your calendar, doing something to remind yourself to put your name on the wait list, as we're fully expecting the wait list to only be open for a few hours.

  • The wait list will be a Google Form & will ask you for the following information: 

    • First & Last Name​

    • PayPal Email Address (see 'Cost & Invoicing Process' for more details)

    • Your Instagram Handle, if applicable

    • Your FlossTube Channel Name, if applicable (ONLY fill this portion out if you MAKE FlossTube videos)

    • Your desired weekend of attendance at Stitch-Con 2023 (you can only attend ONE weekend)

      • There will be three options for you to choose from. Those options will be: 'I can attend Weekend A', 'I can attend Weekend B', or 'I can attend either weekend'​.

        • If you choose the last option, when we get to your name on the list & send you an invoice, we will place you at whatever weekend has the least number of attendees AT THAT TIME.

        • If/when you get a Stitch-Con 2023 invoice, you are GUARANTEED to be placed at the weekend you chose at the time of your wait list submission.​​​​​​

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