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Here is the comprehensive list of FlossTubers who are registered attendees of Stitch-Con 2024!

We're excited to say that, in total, we'll have more than 125 FlossTubers in attendance! We've linked each channel below & we highly recommend checking them out, if you haven't already.


Please note: We will NOT disclose what weekend each channel is attending, as we strongly believe that's not our place to do so. Many of them have shared that information on their personal social media pages and FlossTube channels.

If you are a FlossTuber (a stitcher who MAKES YouTube videos), are a registered attendee of Stitch-Con and want your channel added to this list (or if you'd like to be removed from this list for any reason), please reach out to the Stitch-Con Team so we can make the appropriate adjustments!

You can send us an email at or call Keepsakes at (513) 563-6845

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